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MISOLIMA Publishing is here to provide you with a good reading experience, which can make you laugh, cry or maybe smile. The books listed here have mostly Norwegian original titles, and is translated into English from Norwegian. Therefore, we hope that you find them interesting and feel like wanting reading them, and if not, we hope that you will share these pages with your friends. You will see that there are many people out there who have read these books. With our new online system, we make it possible for those people who have read the books, as well as those who have not read them, to comment on them. Maybe you want to see what someone you might know says about our books and how their reading experiences was?

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MISOLIMA gives information about selected books published by MISOLIMA Publishing. So far, books are available in two languages, English and Norwegian. You can read for yourself by selecting these two menu options. Read great technical literature, or see what kinds of books you like. The exhibit will also list new titles as more books are released from MISOLIMA Publishing.

Residens Drammensveien 1
Category Biography
Pocketbook Norwegian
(was €27.00) now €21.00 + postage
A Room at the Palace
Category Biography
Pocketbook English
(was €27.00) now €21.00 + postage

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