Breast growth

Breast growth

For teenager girls and transwoman, breast growth is equaly important

For transsexual M2F that are aiming on having breasts, one question that may come to mind is what makes a male breast into a female breast? In fact, all mammals, both male and female have breast glands that would enlarge under hormonal oestrogen and progesterone stimulation. As for young teen girls, female breast starts to grow larger, more gland and fat develop and as a result they get the typical female shape. How large the gland must become before the contour is considered a breast has no clear set point, but as the breasts enlarges, fuller curves evolve and tissue will sooner or later hang, creating folds under the breast

For transsexuals that takes hormones, in the form of pharmaceutical hormones or herbals, to stimulate breast growth and enlargement will, if started at early age, get near to or equal to female breast shape and size due to the hormone stimulation. Fat cells of the breast will also enlarge with hormones, but the effect of hormones will drop as older a person get, and when they pass 50-60 they might see only a minimum of breast growth, if any at all. Even though it depends on each individual, breast growth will occur in most cases. As the breast grows, also the areola enlarges and the nipples will become projected.

In fact the key to large and good breasts is fat, and not so much the breast tissue in itself. Having a tiny gland with almost no fat can look bad, so for the sake of good shaped breasts, it's important to have some excess fat that collects in the breasts even though access fat also tend to deposit in the belly. Good belly exercise may help on keeping the fat collection only to the breasts. Without female hormones, a pendulous breast in an obese male will have mostly fat and very little gland but still not have the typical female shape due to the spacing between the breasts.
Once on hormones, pain and discomfort in the breasts are all new sensations but the degree can vary from mild sensitivity to real pain on even the slightest touch where the frequency can be from sometimes to all the time. In a normal male breast the sensitivity are there but as the glands grows, hypersensitivity may occur giving pain and discomfort but most transsexuals and people on hormones love this as it's a sign that something is happening.

As breast glands grow, the glands are attached to the nipple so that milk can be delivered. Most of the firmer breast tissues tend to collect under the nipple making the breast more projected. To help to have female-shaped breasts, momentum seams to help as it would drag tissue exaggerating into a non-male contour. For transsexual M2F that takes both oestrogen in the form of tablets, injections, gel, plaster or herbal capsules like MiroHealt Extra, together with progesterone hormones, may after a while also experience some lactation due to elevation of the hormone Prolactin. If some experience lactation, and their Prolactin levels are not elevated 3-5x normal range, there should be no reason to concern, but more than that might needs immediately medical attention. Remember that nipple discharge comes in many forms, and should normally be white and taste as ordinary milk. Other colours might be signs that needs to be evaluated. You can see the hormone levels under the menu point "Hormone Levels" on top of this page.

If transsexual M2F's have been on female hormones for a while, and stops taking them, the breasts may reduce in size, and they will tend to shrink even though some breast tissue typically remains forever.