Gender roles

Gender roles

Gender might be less important than one's might think

Over the past decades, there has always been a big question about where we should stand in the context of the gender roles, and with the introduction of Internet, gender related forums and websites are flourishing all over the world. In an average person's view, we know that psychology, biology, and the person's role in society often reflects the masculine or feminine attributes of each individual.

From early childhood our parents, school and society have taught us to follow certain gender rules, which are distinguished, between masculine behaviour for boys and feminine behaviour for girls.

A gender role refers to a set of social behaviours that are set as culture specific norms on our society, and are therefore considered as socially appropriate for individuals of the specific gender.

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The roles for a man or a woman in our society is influenced by factors made up by our ancestors, parents, beliefs, religion, culture and does vary across the globe.

Based on this, it's fair to say that the gender role in our society depends on a combination of factors where time, place or even the living conditions depends on it.

Our social roles are based upon the classical classification of male and female, but what happens if someone feels that their social role in this society does not match the true self? What happens if a person are diagnosed (by self diagnose or done by a therapist) that he or she does not belong to the gender as he or she was born into?

No matter if you consider yourself transsexual, transgender, intersexual, the 3rd sex, M2F (Male to Female), F2M (Female to Male), CD (Cross-dresser) or what ever, this website is aimed to give information as well as be your social network place as long as you don't use this site for uploading offensive materials or pornography in the form of text, pictures or videos, We wish you a good flight, and have a pleasant journey - fasten your seatbelts as you're ready for take-off?