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This is the shopping page for other products from Anne Selene
Anne Selene is here to provide you with also other products than herbs, creams and books. The products shown here under might be with or without shipping costs. Therefore, we hope that you find something of interest. We hope that you will share these pages with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. With our new online system, we will add more products and information on a regular basis, so make sure you revisit these pages on a regular basis.

A few special exhibits have been prepared in collaboration with strategic partners:

LGBT bracelet
Bracelet for wrist or foot
FREE postage
(was €5.50) now €4.44
C1460002-250INT 250g
Roasted Hill Tribe Coffee
Arabica beans
(was €5.30) now €4.00 + postage
C1460001-250INT 250g
Roasted Hill Tribe Coffee
Arabica grounded
(was €5.60) now €4.30 + postage
C1467001-010INT 10g
Choclate Paste
with cashew nut
(was €1.20) now €1.00 + postage

You can choose among these products, and pay via PayPal and Credit Cards, or send us and e-mail and you will receive our banking details for money transfer direct to our account.