About Pueraria Mirifica

About Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica is a miracle herb from Thailand

In USA breast cancer rate in 1998 was about 87 per 100,000 women with a mortality rate of about 23 per 100,000 women. For the same year the figures was for UK about 70:30, for France 61:21 but for Thailand the figures was as low as 16:5. Compared with other Asian countries like Japan had 28:7, Philippines 41:19, Singapore 39:17 where countries like Brazil, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland etc. had figures similar to France.

In Norway there was 675 woman that died of breast cancer in 2006 which were still down from 823 woman in 1996. Yearly about 46.000 British woman gets diagnosed with breast cancer whereas about 12.000 dies from the disease every year. In the same time, one out of six American men will develop prostate cancer which is > 218,000 men were diagnosed with the disease in 2007, according to the American Cancer Society, and about 27,000 died from it.

We can see that the lowest numbers of breast cancer in Thailand is seen in the northern province of Chiang Mai with about 13:3 and it was only China that could show same figures.

The development of breast cancer are in the western world estimated to be by the age of 25 about 1:20,000; by the age of 30 about 1:2,500; by the age of 40 about 1:220; by the age of 45 about 1:93; by the age of 50 about 1:50 and by the age of 55 about 1:33. Then it increases to 1:9 by the age of 85.

Both males and females in Asian countries consume about four times more soy products including steamed fresh soybeans than other Western countries. It is well known that soy contains Phytoestrogen an oestrogen (estrogen) herbal substance. However there is fairly few people outside Thailand that knows that the northern provinces of Chiang Mai has a herb named Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao (white Kwao Krua) as known to Thai's. Kwao Krua has a root that can be eaten as an herbal supplement and has also good properties to fight breast cancer.

This herb contains several valuable Phytoestrogens where one of them is named Miroestrol and has a very similar chemical structure as found in the safest human oestrogen Estriol. To understand the effect of taking Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao, Miroestrol is about 3000 times more potent than the estrogenic activity shown in soy Isoflavones Genistein. Further more, Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao has more than 1000 times the estrogenic activity of i.e. other plants like Red Clover, Soy and Yam.

When Miroestrol (Deoxymiroestrol) enters oestrogen (estrogen) receptor it will modulate the effect on the oestrogen receptor and in fact will supplement when the estrogenic activity is low and dilutes if the receptor estrogenic activity is high. In other words Miroestrol has no effect on oestrogen levels in your body as it only has influence on the oestrogen receptor. What makes Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao "active" is the additional content of other Phytoestrogens such as Coumestrol, Daidzein, Genistein, Puerarin, and Mirificin.

Clinical studies in Germany, Japan and Thailand on menopausal women shows that Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao and its Miroestrol lowered hot flashes and night sweats within as little as one week use, but a stable decrease was noticed after one month of use.

Almost all women taking Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao will notice an increase in breast size as well as breasts are getting more firm. However Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao will have more effects on breasts on younger woman than older women even though it's not recommended for woman under 20 years of age to take Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao. This is due to the fact that Phytoestrogens will always compete for oestrogen receptors and woman under the age of 20 is still developing their bodies by its own hormones. After the age of 20, the woman is fully developed and can start take Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao.

The recommended dosage of Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao in females is about 2 mg/Kg or 1.1 mg/ lbs. of body weight so it's recommenced to take Anne Selene's Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao capsules MiroHealth Tonic and MiroHealth Extra EXTRA twice per day with food. You may skip taking the capsules during menstruation as the body is then lowering oestrogen and increasing progesterone levels (progesterone is also a natural anti-oestrogen hormone). As for males, transgendered, transsexual, crossdresser or menopause woman can take Pueraria Mirifica or Kwao Krua Kao every day of the month.

By taking MiroHealth Tonic and MiroHealth Extra from Anne Selene, woman, man and transsexuals (M2F) may;

  • Enlarge and tightening of breasts
  • Improve eyesight (get more clear eyes)
  • Increase energy Increase blood circulation
  • Remove or smoothen wrinkles on skin
  • Grow, strengthen and darken hair on the scalp
  • Lighten menopausal/post-menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes
  • Rejuvenating (anti-aging or slowing aging)
  • Ease sleep disorders
  • Improve memory

Note: For males that do not intend to grow breasts and secondary sex characteristics, Anne Selene is also offering another herb from the same family aimed for males ONLY. This is Red Kwao Krua or AldoHealth that has the same effect as White Krua but without the Phytoestrogens. In addition Red Kwao Krua has substances to increase limbo in males. If you're want a herb for males, make sure you order Anne Selene's "AldoHealth RKK" for Men (Order No: H1020001).

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