Sunspot removals

Sunspot removals

Using laser to remove sunspots

Ever thought about removing your sunspots? As the years under the sun get its impact on our bodies, we get more and more sunspots or age spots where sooner or later we would like to do something about them and Anne Selene are no exemption there. June 2008, I thought I give it a go, but before I took it further I wanted to try it out first - to see how it works. I was warned that I might needed more than one treatment to have them removed, but it turned out it was not needed. My first test was to try it out on my arm, so I did target 10 spots on my lower left arm. I went for CO2 laser as I did read about it on the Internet and thought it could be a good alternative. I did choose to have it done at a laser clinic at my local hospital as I knew they got fairly new lasers there. First I had to see the doctor that did the examination of the sunspots to see if they was OK for removals. He then marked them with a circle and told a nurse to prepare for the treatment. I was taken into the laser room where she did put some anaesthetic cream on each spot and did cover them with plaster. I then had to wait for 30 minutes till the anaesthetic cream did work and the doctor was ready with the laser.

To burn 10 spots was really fast, took not more than a minute or less for each. The left image show how it looked like the following day after the treatment :(.

When the doctor did burn the sunspots away, I could feel the smell of burned skin like if you burned yourself on the oven but it did not hurt at all. When ready, the spots was cleaned and covered with another plaster and I was told to leave it on that day and the doctor gave me some cream to use over the next week while the scars was healing. After I removed the plaster to put my cream on, I could feel that I was "burned" but it did not really hurt. After using the cream for a week, the scars started to heal and the skin that was "burned" started to "shrink" in like small volcanoes.

After 5 months, I could still see some marks after the laser while one turned white while others is so to say invisible. The larger one however needs one more treatment I think.

After 8 months per January 2009 the marks after the CO2 laser was so to say invisible so I believe it's a good solution and I'm ready to remove another 50-70 sunspots on my arms and chest.

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