Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

About tooth whitening and how it works.

Most of us might do some daily things to look nice, like having makeup, using earrings, having our nails done on fingers and toes etc., but one thing that really makes a huge difference in the way we look to the outside world is in fact tooth whitening. I never done it before, and after years with drinking coffee and tea (I don't smoke or drink coke) it had really made my teeth stained and were more brown than white. So I made up my mind and had to do something about it. I had my tooth whitening done and it took 2 weeks to complete the treatment. As you can see from the picture below, it was really worth it.

In fact it took 3 weeks because first of all the dentist had to make a gypsum form of my teeth to produce a silicon print that I put the whitening gel into. I needed to sleep with this gel every night for 14 nights and could do 21 days too, but the whitening agent I've got was only enough for 14 days so I might go for one more week later on. (Update: I did take one more week in 2011)

It's a bit strange to sleep with silicon covering your teeth, but only the first 2-3 nights. After that it was not so bad at all as you basically get used to it.

Since this is about tooth whitening, I will here show some picture of what I got from the dentist. It looks a bit brown but that's just because I took the pictures on my office desk, which is brown.

First of all, the dentist had to make a form of my top and bottom teeth whereas out of the negative form they made positive gypsum model of my teeth shown as (1).

The gypsum model is shown as 1 on the picture. 2 is the silicone print of my teeth and 3 is the syringe containing the whitening agent.

Out of the positive gypsum form, they made a silicon print of my teeth which is shown as (2). This is like a rubber mask. It's soft so it fit's perfectly well when I put them onto my teeth. Basically it's just too keep the gel in place while I sleep. And finally (3) show the syringe that containing the bleaching agent. I got two strengths one 15% and three 10% which were enough for 14 days. I used a brand named Opalescence with potassium nitrate and Flouride ion. Each tooth needs one drop of gel, which you drop onto the silicone form every night and you sleep with it overnight.

The result is nothing else than a (sexy?) bright smile which you can see on the top-left picture :)

After one week the teeth was still somewhat yellow, but much better than before.

Before starting with the tooth whitening my teeth was not much of a bright smile... ;(

I did speak with a friend of mine yesterday (September '08) and she noticed how white my teeth are. She told me that she had also used tooth whitening gel for years because. She's a coffee drinker, smoker and red vine drinker that did really cause colouring of her teeth, but when I had a closer look, her teeth was really just white as snow. For sure tooth whitening works perfectly well… and are something worth while doing.

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