Social Networking for transgender

Transgender are boys that dresses as girls and vice versa, where sex change also falls in under this term

This is the main transgender page for To put things simple, "transgender" is to blur the existing lines between the male and female identities in our society. To be more precise, "transgender" covers a huge grey area of androgyny with people who have rejected traditional gender roles. Gender identity makes issues, where those young and older, whom do identify themselves as transgender people, are born into a body that does not really match their self-image or in other words they are "born in the wrong body"...

This Anne Selene website is also dedicated to people around the world with gender issues, as no matter how we see ourselves, we are born with the rights to choose and to be represented as the gender we want to be or feel we belongs to. We got that rights to do so, and so does all friends and neighbours.

The many social norms we are living under, indicates that there is established and approved ways of doing things like dress, speak and how to appear. These vary and also evolves, not only through time, but also vary from culture, age groups and between social classes and groups. What is deemed to be acceptable dress, speech or behaviour in one social group, may not be accepted in another. Important issues for any transgender is hormone levels, breast growth and gender roles in general.