A Room at the Palace

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A Room at the Palace

“A Room at the Palace”, is a British-English translation of the Norwegian book “Residens Drammensveien 1”. The book is about when a 17 years old, traveled to Oslo and the Royal Palace to seek employment. After asking if it was possible to live at the Palace, and it was, the very next day the teen moved inn, and soon after met King Olav V of Norway. He liked the fact that teen's parents was Hungarian 1956 immigrants, and based on this they started to talk during the evenings in his living room at the Palace.

As you might know, King Olav V was in fact born in United Kingdom at Appleton House in Sandringham. His mum, Queen Maud of Norway, was in Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria of Wales, the youngest daughter of King Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark

You can read more and order the book by follow this link.